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The application shall contain all the required information: the title of the film, duration, language (original/subtitle), a synopsis in English (up to 400 words) and two photos – an image from the film and a photograph of the author.

By signing the application form, each participant confirms that all copyright rights and all the rights to use the music are regulated (due to the fact that the Festival does not pay royalties for the public display), and assumes full financial responsibility to the third parties.

The applicant allows the film that has entered the competition to be displayed to the audience of International Tourism Film Festival – Africa 2020free of charge at other events related to the Festival and on its website, without any additional charge and permits.

The applicants transfer the right to the festival organiser to use the video (30 sec.) in order to promote the Festival in all its forms, including the Internet, spatially and temporally unlimited.

The films will be presented by the organiser for noncommercial purposes only.

in jpg or ZIP, max file size 3 MB.
in jpg, max file size 3 MB.

Please add a checkbox “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” with a hyperlink to the actual Terms and Conditions (this can be a static page). Agreeing to the Ts and Cs then enables the entrant to proceed to the application page (an entrant may not be able to enter the competition without agreeing to the Ts and Cs). At any point during the application process, the entrant needs to be able to go back to any page on the website to read up on the festival or the Terms and Conditions.