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The Young Creatives Student Challenge


The Young Creatives Student Challenge (YCSC) at the ITFFA 2023 is an incredible initiative that aimed to empower young individuals to tap into their creative potential and explore career opportunities in the digital content creation and media industry. It was a remarkable and transformative experience that left a lasting impact. Today’s youth are immersed in a digital era. With smartphones and apps like TikTok being ubiquitous, the challenge sought to harness this digital fluency and channel it into a viable career path. 

The challenge focused on teaching practical skills in content curation and videography, aligning with the modern landscape where digital content is in high demand. It brought together notable figures like Neo Mokuene and Thyfayl Ali, a globally acclaimed content curator and videographer, who shared their expertise with the youth. Including sponsors like Lee Dicks of Nova Constantia Boutique Residence, Margie Welch from Value Film Fleet, NIKON, PANAVISION, PANALUX, and Cape Cobra Hire, our gratitude goes out to you all, who provided the necessary resources, logistics, prizes and support to make the event a success. 


The competition involved creating one-minute promotional showreels for the sponsoring partner’s, digital marketing endeavors. The participants, a mix of students, interns and those without formal education, were divided into teams with diverse backgrounds. The results surpassed expectations, underscoring the creativity and talent these young minds possessed in showcasing their skills in content creation. The winners had the chance to receive substantial cash prizes and potentially become brand ambassadors for companies like NIKON. Grenwille Janjies emerged as the standout, winning the grand prize. His achievement not only earned him R30, 000 but also the opportunity to partake in a VIP masterclass hosted by NIKON. This underlines the notion that every success story begins with persistence and embracing failures as stepping stones, emphasising the importance of perseverance, which are valuable lessons for anyone entering the creative industry. 

The event went beyond just the competition, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the actual International Tourism Film Festival and awards and to create real-time content. This hands-on experience further enriched their skills and exposed them to the practical aspects of content curation in a dynamic environment. 

Left to Right: Neo Mokuene, Trentan Gray, Duncan Vd Merwe, Ethan Scott, Denno Robbock, Grenwille Janjies, Margie Welch, Francois Rheeders (National sales manager from NIKON ) Tarryn Erasmus, Nicole Martens. 


The YCSC at ITFFA 2023 exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and mentorship and through a collaborative effort, supported by various sponsors, mentors, and supporters who believe in nurturing young talent. This initiative not only helped participants gain practical skills but also connected them with professionals and resources in the industry, where participants could cultivate creativity, skill development, and a sense of belonging, potentially paving the way for their future careers. As a village that nurtures talents, the YCSC invites all to join and be part of its promising journey toward fostering creativity and growth as it gains momentum towards 2024. 


ITFFA Young Creatives Student Challenge in partnership with NIKON & Neo Mokuene

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