ITTFA is open to all entities or persons who own or have produced an audio-visual work related to tourism and its thematic.

The registration is free! All the films and videos submitted must be produced or released within the last two years.

Who Can Enter the Competition!

The competition is open to the public and private entities such as Advertising and PR Agencies; Tourism Boards; Destinations; Digital Agencies; Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality Companies; Marketing Agencies; Municipalities; Tourism Associations; Airlines; Cruise Lines; Tourist Attractions; Production Companies and Students.

How to Join!

To enter your film, video, documentary, TV Program or series, you need to fill in the entry form.
After submitting the entry form, you must send the video, doc, series or campaign through Dropbox, Wetransfer or a similar platform to
Make sure that all the files have the highest resolution possible or the minimum required: Full HD
All requested materials must be submitted to the ITFFA by 15 March 2021.

You can also enter your films via FilmFreeway.

The Judging Process

A panel of international professionals from the Tourism, Marketing and Film Industry will evaluate the works submitted using the criteria’s below:

What you feel when you view the video for the first time. Does the footage evoke an emotion? Does the footage engage you from the onset, or does it lose momentum?

Was the production able to convey their idea, message, or thought uniquely and imaginatively? Usage of camera, music, and editing.

Was the production able to showcase their originality and technique to influence how the video is presented and interpreted.

Was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, performance, and music (if applicable) in the video appropriately represent the goals and target group?

Was the video able to evoke the viewer’s imagination? Is the story being told the right story for the brand, service, product or thematic?

Does the Subject Matter/Content/Performance fall within the thematic? Is it relevant? What is the Impact? What does the Entry emote, within a Visual, Emotional, Aesthetic, and Intellectual context?