International Tourism Film Festival Africa

The ITFFA 2023

This year’s edition of the event marked a remarkable success due to several significant occurrences: 

We received a total of 379 submissions representing 59 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. Film makers from 32 countries received awards and 12 graced us with their presence in person. Others were represented by in country Diplomats who also graced the occasion and accepted awards on behalf of absent countrymen.

The Award winning entrants of the ITFFA 2023 proudly showing off their trophies on stage at the Labia Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa




Dany Gamal, an Egyptian director, member of the Cinema Professions Syndicate and a cherished friend, the first Egyptian director to receive the Gold Award in Arts, Culture and Creativity,  honoured us with his presence.



We forged a valuable new connection with Abati Jibola Oluyese ( Nigerian based Founding Director of Taste of Africa Vibes ) and Terry Costa (President of the Azores fringe film festival in Portugal). Here they are enjoying the fine wines from Creation and the gorgeous hand crafted chocolates from Ethical Eats.




Another continental guest from Mauritius, Director of Island Media Services Ltd. Damien Tat Chung. Damien is a multi-award winning international film director and content creator who was selected as a jury member for ITFFA 2023, travelled to join our gathering.

Our newfound companions from Algeria, Salah Boufellah, CEO of S-b Cinema S-b and Bilal Ben who we are discussing the prospects of more inclusivity and diversity, creating richness and vibrancy to our brand. We wholeheartedly embrace this direction.

Several thrilling advancements emerged, notably:

We’ve reached a milestone year and parted ways with our previous international associates, aligning ourselves with Cinetour, International Committee of Sustainable World Film Festivals. Cinetour is an organization boasting 28 founder members representing 18 countries worldwide.

We are finalising an exciting team of new board members to come on board, who are poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of ITFFA.

Our delight knows no bounds as we introduce the following exceptional women to the ITFFA team:

Zaida EnverCEO and founder of Pure Grit Events and Exhibition Management

Unathi MahlungaExecutive Director of SASFED, South African Screen Federation

Sheila McGillivrayDirector at One Lady & A Tribe Advertising

We take immense pleasure in highlighting the incredible initiatives that unfolded this year, with a shared enthusiasm for the prospects of 2024:

1. Creation Wines generously sponsored their wines and champagne, personally guiding guests through Creation’s offerings.

2. Ethical Eats hosted delectable chocolate and wine pairing sessions in collaboration with Creation Wines, demonstrating the exquisite quality of dairy-free, handcrafted, single-origin chocolate.

3. Lisa Mini, Project Manager for Film and Media Promotion at WESGRO curated and presented the Filmed on Location Tours Cape Town, revealing an unexplored facet of Cape Town’s character – a side often overlooked even by locals. These tours showcased major global blockbusters filmed right in our own backyard.

4. As ever, The Peninsula Hotel, located in the cosmopolitan seaside suburb of Sea Point, Cape Town overlooking the majestic Atlantic Ocean and with the magnificent mountains as its backdrop, played an exceptional hosting role, offering abundant generosity.

5. MLT Car Hire, a 100% black female owned and managed company, located in Cape Town with branches in 4 major cities, provided all of the ground transport and efficiently shuttled the delegates to and from the Airport and supported transportation between various activities.

6. The Ceres Railway Company who laid its first tracks between 1910 and 1912, treated us to a coastal journey, a rare and cherished experience. A significant part of the Ceres Rail Company’s mission is to preserve and promote the South African Rail Heritage, which involves restoring and refurbishing old locomotives and coaches. The experience was truly remarkable to say the least – a historic steam train reinvigorated for active service.

Our guests taking delight in Creation Wines’ generous offerings.

Year after year, we’ve witnessed increasing support from across Africa and the world, and we eagerly anticipate crafting an event that is both immersive and authentic in 2024. 

The Young Creatives Student Challenge of this year attracted exceptional attendance and backing. Our aspiration to empower and equip youth with marketable skills, enabling them to step into the workforce with confidence, was met with resounding support. 




Penny Randall, the head of filming and events at the V&A Waterfront, welcomes the opening of the public screenings of the ITFFA’s 2023 award winning entrants at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre.

Our deepest gratitude extends to the following individuals and institutions for their generous contributions:

NIKON South Africa: Christine and Grant Norton

PANAVISION & PANALUX SA: Nicholas Doble, James Barth, Matthew Maclennan, Shamiel Davis, Tony Eddy

Value Film Fleet: Margie Welch, Sharon Taylor, Steve Herbst, Steven Gottschalk

Nova Constantia Boutique Residence: Lee Dicks

Neo Mokuene and Thufayl Ali, for imparting invaluable knowledge to the youth on content curation and producing quality digital narratives for an ever-demanding audience.

Carolyn Martin of Creation Wines, for sharing in our vision and entrusting us to execute this challenge with excellence.

Penny Randall (head of filming and events V&A Waterfront) and George Moolman (Senior events Director V&A Waterfront)

The entire delegation at the Ceres Railway Experience.