Tourism Promotion Section

Commercials/Ads, promotional films, video campaigns,
videos for social networks, video Blogs.

Documentaries & TV Section

Web Docs, Short Docs, TV Documentaries,
Reports and TV Programmes.

Categories & Sub-categories
Categories & Sub-categories

A1. City Promotion; 
A2. Region or Island Promotion; 
A3. Country Promotion; 

Thematic Related with: Film Locations; Cultural Tourism; Health & Wellness Tourism; Gastronomic Tourism; Rural Tourism & Agritourism; Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; MICE Tourism; Medical tourism; Wine tourism; Rural tourism; Astro Tourism; Responsible Tourism; Natural Attractions; etc.

Thematic Related with: Accommodation (Hotels/Resorts, Private Game Reserves, Villas, Boutique Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, B&B); Safari Holidays; Tour operators; Transport Companies (Car Rental, Airlines, Limousines, Ferries, Railways, Cruises); Other Tourism Services (Tourism Agencies, Tour Guiding, Restaurants, DMC, Group Travel Companies, Private Travel Companies); Sports and Adventure Travel (Sailing, Sea Sports, Diving, Surfing, Hiking, Sking, Bicycle Touring); Outdoor activities, Extreme Sports;

This is a special category for the year of 2021 only under tourism services that depicts the best usage of the dance used in any of the above categories.

Thematic Related with: Art festivals, fine arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture), visual arts, plastic arts, decorative arts, performance arts, applied arts, biographies of artists, art and culture, Cultural events, Museums & Exhibitions.

Thematic Related with: Historic Heritage, Heritage interpretation, Cultural Heritage, Ethnography and Society, Native communities, Biographies, Legends and Rituals, Religion and religious practices.

Thematic Related with: Long-distance trails, Pilgrimages, Routes, Trekking, Safaris, Travel Expeditions. 


Thematic Related with: Preservation of biodiversity, Preservation of Natural Habitats, Natural Parks and Protected areas, Biosphere Reserves.

Thematic Related with: Response to Covid-19, Social Responsibility, Ecolabels, Tourism Certification, Tourism planning, Eco-mobility, waste reduction, Community-based tourism, Best Pratices in Tourism Management. 

Thematic Related with: with its central focus on untamed wild species, natural habitats or conservation. About the complex and interdependent relationship between humans, animals and the environment. The future of the species and their sustainability.

Thematic Related with: World heritage sites, Intangible World Heritage;