This section describes the terms and regulations to participate in the festival. If you still have doubts after reading it, do not hesitate to contact us by email: register@itff.africa

To be eligible for the 2021 competition, entries must have been produced and released, after January 1, 2019. The festival only accepts audiovisual works video content related to the tourism and travel industry.
The same film can be entered into different categories. Entries can be submitted by film producers and filmmakers, client companies, agencies, TV stations and students.
Is mandatory to fill in the entry form available on the festival website or enter via FilmFreeWay.
Once submitted, please, be aware that the films will not be sent back. The entrant must own the participating film/online media’s copyright or have the permission to use it.

Regardless of the registration date, all requested materials must be submitted to the ITFFA by 15 March 2021.
A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you within 72 hours of receipt of application.

Is very important to select the category that most closely relates to your submissions. The ITFFA has 2 competitive sections:

TOURISM FILMS: TV ads, promotional films, video campaigns, videos for social media, Vlogs and vertical videos related to promoting a Tourism Destination, Service or Product.

DOCUMENTARIES: Documentaries, TV reports and TV Programmes related to thematics that induce tourism.

In both sections we will have an International and an African Competition.

The official language of the Festival is English.
Registrations are accepted in any language provided, but must have the following requirements:

  • Subtitles or voice-over in English;
  • Synopsis wrote in English (complete scripts are not accepted);
  • The film must have the subtitles inserted.

The link of the Films (YouTube/Vimeo) must be submitted during the registration form completion.
Should the film exceed the allowed file size on the registration form, you can send via:

The international jury is composed of professionals and experts from the fields of Audiovisual and Cinema, Tourism and Marketing and Communication.
In the African Competition, the jury awards prizes (1st and 2nd place) to the 2 best films in each thematic category.

In the International Competition, the jury awards the prizes in the thematic categories (1st and 2nd place) of the section TOURFILM.  In the DOC section, the jury will reward the best between the number of films entered and the themes available.

In the overall competition of the Festival, the jury also awards the following prizes:

  • Grand Prix:
    • Grand Prix ITFFA 2021
    • Grand Prix Section TOURISM FILM
    • Grand Prix Section DOCUMENTARY

The jury may award special prizes.

Winners who can’t attend the Festival and want their trophy at the end of the Festival will be able to do so. To do this, simply inform the organization and pay for the costs of processing and shipping. The amount of these expenses will be communicated to you by the organization after showing interest in obtaining the trophy. After receiving proof of payment, the trophy will be sent by post.

When registering a film in the Festival, the participant assures the ownership of all the rights inherent to the registration and the access to those same rights during the Festival. The registration guarantees that the rights of use held by the authors, copyright owners and other agents involved in the production of the film entered, except for the rights protected by the companies holding the exhibition’s rights, were legitimately acquired. The Festival reserves the right to use, not prevented by copyright or other rights of third parties.

When a participant registers a film, it transfers to the Festival the rights to use the entry, specifically the right to display the film in public, either in whole or in part, or to distribute it in whole or in part in “shows” or equivalents competitions. This also applies to photographs/images provided for the Festival. All use transfers mentioned above are valid internationally.

The films entered in the competition will be evaluated in advance, and the winners will be notified in advance. The presence of the winning participants in the Award Ceremony is strongly recommended. The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal. The jury’s decisions and the organization of the Festival are final and are not subject to any legal recourse.

The Festival reserves the right to reclassify the films by referring them to other categories when deemed appropriate. The Festival declines any responsibility for entries of films classified in the wrong category or entering the Festival registrations after the deadline stipulated for this purpose.

The Festival’s liability is limited to circumstances of wilful or negligent conduct that apply only in the event of loss or damage of submitted work. The Festival organization accepts no responsibility for the Festival’s cancellation due to force majeure and beyond its control.

The Festival reserves the right to display the works submitted in a “show” or equivalent event and disseminate them in a medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. This also applies to photographs/images provided to the Festival. Participants transfer all rights applicable to the Festival to the above initiatives when the film is submitted. The Festival reserves the right to use all sound and image recordings made during the Festival for advertising purposes in any medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

By submitting a film to the Festival, the participant accepts the regulations of the contest and all its rules, and the participant shall be entirely responsible for any damages, whether due to his or her own rights or by third parties, caused by the use of his or her registration or by false information provided. The personal data provided will not be disclosed or assigned to third parties.