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From working with international like Nikon & Sony to Atomos & Lexar, I have developed a deep marketing know-how as well as a diverse working experience that she uses to market and build brands in a highly competitive environment.

Over the past 20-plus years, new digital technologies have emerged with breath taking speed, changing the way brands interact with their customers. As a result, it’s imperative for marketing teams to develop digital and marketing strategies that will enable brands to take advantage of these technologies.

I am passionate about conceptualizing strategies that resonate with South Africans, especially as I believe that the South African culture has a rich heritage which is rooted in storytelling which means that people are connecting with content on a more personal and relatable level. Using all available resources, brands have the privilege and responsibility to be a springboard for local skills from filmmakers, creatives and content creatives alike, to ensure that the industry has a depth of diversity and is focused on growing and developing the wealth of talent in South Africa.