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Doris is the Executive Managing Director, Founding Director, Councilor and Council Steering Committee Member of the African Tourism Council (ATC). She is also Vice-Chair Africa of the World Rural Tourism Conference based in Huzhou, China.

For more than 20 years Doris jointly with UNESCO, the AUDA-NEPAD1, African Presidencies and a think tank of tourism experts and academics invented and implemented Sustainable Tourism Development Programs for Africa as a tool for poverty reduction on the Continent.

With a Master in Education and a Certification for the UN-ILO2SCORE3Program and a completed course with the ITC4of the UN ILO on Social and Solidarity Economy, her expertise is in sustainable tourism development, such as Education, Capacity Building, Skills Development, Leadership-and Entrepreneurship Development, Youth-, Women-, SMTE5and CBT6on the African Continent –with the vision to grow Africa’s Wealth through Sustainable Tourism Development.

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