International Tourism Film Festival Africa


SAMUEL OCHIENG OLUOKOCEO Film production Technics, A film consultancy and liaison company for both local and international productions,a location scouting and crewing services.
Founder and Projects Manager -Great Potential African Youth (GPAY),
A youth talents and film training organization based in Nairobi-Kenya offering filmmaking opportunities and platforms for young filmmakers drawn from all over Kenya and African continent
Africa Chapter Coordinator-The biggest gathering of young filmmakers in Africa(Cinemadamare Africa)
The first-ever biggest gathering to ever convene in Africa-Kenya that was launched in 2019 in 5 counties of Kenya with over 200 filmmakers from 21 countries worldwide.
Samuel Oluoko is an astute filmmaker whose career in film production has taken me to different countries-Italy, USA and Tanzania.
He won awards in the prestigious Kalasha international film festivals (2011,2018)and also in Italy –Cinemadamare film festivals (2015), Lisbon (2917)
He participated in judging film in the Kenya International Sports Film Festivals (KISFF) in 2018 and Cinemadamare Africa Chapter 2019 film awards.