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Established in 2022, For Africa By Africans is a project designed for the African People, run by the African People.

We aim to spread a message of encouragement and hope to the next generation of industry members, by making opportunities accessible to the youth.

The Young Creatives Student Challenge

The Young Creatives Student Challenge invites
all final year and Masters students to test their mettle
against their peers and aspire to become the
creative giant that we know they are.

The First Challenge

All final year and Masters students can enter the best of their end-of-year reel/portfolio from last year or their best mid-year reel/portfolio from this year.  We will then place these entries in front of a noteworthy panel of jurors – persons of substance and stature in the film production, drone, animation, and gaming industries, who will then make their selection of the top entries.

The finalists will be selected to present their work at the Gauteng Discover Summit taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre in 2023.

The finalists will be invited to present their submissions to the audience of the GFC Discover Summit who will then select the 4 winners.

Followed by a prize giving to be hosted by sponsors.

Criteria for Film Submissions

  • Concept
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Gravitas & Impact

Criteria for Animation Submissions:

  • Shot Sequence (continuity/consistency)
  • Shot Composition
  • Performance (poses, expressions, lip-sync, etc)
  • Principles
  • Movement
  • Storytelling

Prizes to be announced shortly

The Second Challenge

Finalists are invited to curate the journey of the following GFC Discover Summit activations:

  • Location Tours
  • Opening Day
  • Post-event Networking

The Young Creatives are invited to curate their journey on the above-mentioned activations and to package this into a 3-minute showreel for marketing purposes for the GFC Discover Summit.

They will be asked to give these reels to the GFC on a daily basis, no later than 7p.m, and the GFC will post them via their social media and tag the creatives, educational institutions, and sponsors to share on their social media, so that everyone may get a fair chance.

On the last day of the event (dates to be announced), a live count will be done at 12h00 to see whose post had the most interactions and engagements.

Prizes to be announced shortly

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