International Tourism Film Festival Africa


Caroline Ungersbock

Co-founding Director

Almost over 2 decades ago, Caroline Ungersbock delved into the vibrant realm of tourism, and over the course of time, she has progressed to become the esteemed Director at ITFFA. Throughout her journey, she has nurtured a profound affection and admiration for the field of tourism.

James Byrne

Co-founder / Director

With a rich and enduring background, James Byrne has been closely connected to the realms of entertainment and hospitality for a significant period. He derives immense satisfaction from orchestrating connections between various groups and thrives in social settings, crafting enjoyable and captivating experiences.

Sheila Mcgillivary

PR & Marketing

Sheila has spent her career in advertising and marketing. But not in the traditional sense. Groundbreaking concepts such as the 1St Live TV Commercial in SA – Hyperama “Pricebusters”:  an AFP concept for Centrum Guardians -from an interview platform on ETV to a 13-week TV series, presented by Ruda Landman,  that ran for 6 years on SABC 3.

But this is not the only film achievement attained – Sheila raised the funds for the Joost movie, The Glory Game, which profiles former Springbok rugby player Joost Van der Westhuizen’s battle with Motor Neuron Disease. One Lady and a Tribe, which Sheila founded, was passionate about Cause Marketing

“Doing Good and Doing Good Business.”

As a strategist, start-up mentor, and storyteller, Sheila has a passion for showcasing the richness and diversity of African heritage.



Chief Creative Officer


Visionary | Storyteller | Creative Consultant


Filmmaker | Editor | Visual Artist